Minimaster (PMM2CD)

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Minimaster is an adjustable automatic lubrication supply for bearings, chains and sprockets. Purpose designed for agricultural field equipment and tough environments.

Meter units incorporate a non return valve and are available with a choice of 8 flow rates to allow a wide variety of lubricant requirements to be fed by a single system.

Frame mounted blocks interrupt the primary line to allow meter units to be mounted close to lubrication points. Overall output adjustable by changing the frequency of the pump stroke [speed of reciprocating operating source or cam drive] or by altering the travel of the piston [setting of adjustable cam drive or changing distance of pump from reciprocating operating source].


• All applications where reliable oil lubrication is needed.

• Industrial, food processing and agricultural machinery.

• Ideal for round baler chain lubrication.


Features and Benefits

A. a choice of 3.5 litre or 7 litre reservoirs supply filtered to pump

B. preassembled kits available for common applications

C. operated by adjustable cam or reciprocal machine cycle

D. easily adjustable output to suit varying operating conditions

E. provides metered lubrication to each area according to it's need

F. unique adjustable cam offers a choice of 8 preset outputs

G. protects each bearing and it's seal by constant controlled flushing

H. protected nylon brushes feed oil onto chains ensuring pins are lubricated

I. single system oils both bearings and chains in any combination

J. helps keep chains oiled above the level where dust collects and grinding paste forms

Protecting heavily worked machinery in tough environments.


Minimaster PMM2CD

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