*NEW* Blocmaster2 (BM2)

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Blocmaster2 is a purpose design method of delivering accurate quantities of grease to bearings efficiently.

•  Masterlube’s unique design now incorporates a simple way to vary output from individual pistons within its sandwich monoblock housing and forms its patent protection.

• This feature allows more cost effective systems to be planned with fewer components. Blocks also incorporate Masterlube’s innovative easy service push in outlets for quick installation.

Progressive Distribution

• Progressive distribution blocks are devices to deliver grease in predetermined ratios where each delivery piston is also the control valve for its neighbour. By linking a minimum of 3 pistons the block will cycle continuously.


• Ideal for automated and centralised greasing systems, also for converting banked systems to single point or automated systems.

• Designed to be used with GREASEMASTER3 and COMPAC electric pumps, as well as MECANIX mechanically operated pumps and banked manual systems.

• Can be used in all applications where reliable grease lubrication is required.




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