Chainmaster (CM)

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**Outgoing design. Click here see the new Chain Master 2 (CM2) model.** Click to find out more **

Chain Master Features

Simple fully adjustable oil lubrication for bearings and chains.

No special oils required. Uses all basic engine oils [SAE30] to API/CC or API/CD specifications.

A. Fully adjustable output

B. 12v input ONLY.

C. Pump and filter easily removed for servicing

D. Reservoir includes integral mounting bracket

E. Robust and integral UPV stabalised reservoir. Available in 3 litre (1 US Gallon) or 7 litre (2 US Gallons) sizes.

F. Replaceable paper element. Filter prevents contamination of the system.


Additional Features

Each meter unit incorporates a non return valve and is available in a choice of 8 flow rates to allow a wide variety of lubricant requirements to be fed by a simple system.

Frame mounted manifold blocks interrupt the primary line to allow meter units to be mounted close to lubrication points. Overall output adjustable easily at the pump to allow for changing operating conditions.

A. meter units ensure each point receives the correct quantity of oil

B. choice of output ranges to suit application

C. chains/sprockets fed with purpose designed lubrication brushes.