Blocmaster (BM)

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Blocmaster is a purpose designed grease distribution system to efficiently deliver accurately proportioned quantities of grease to bearings.

Progressive distribution blocks are devices to deliver grease in predetermined ratios, where each delivery piston is also the control valve for its neighbour. By linking a minimum of three pistons the block will cycle continuously. By using one block as a master block and connecting secondary blocks to each outlet, systems can be designed to offer a wide range of outputs to a large number of bearings.


• Ideal for both lubrication and central manual greasing layouts.

• Suitable for use with all Greasemaster and Greasemaster Compac systems.

• Suitable for all applications where grease is needed in pre-determined quantities to groups of bearings; including machine tool, industrial equipment, textile and food processing plants.


A. Choose twin output wafers with 3 piston sizes offering 5:10:20 ratioed ouputs.

B. If more grease is required, outputs can be twinned using internal drilling.

C Grease input either manually via remote grease nipple or as part of an automatic system; or both.

D. Low profile assembly easily installed and avoids build up of debris.

E. Standard cycle indicator pin provides visual peace of mind and allows automatic systems to be monitored by microswitch.

F. Dual manual and automatic input available.



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